Rabies Exposure Tips

1.       Bat in the house

-          Call Animal Control if bat is alive and moving about

-          If bat can be collected (dead or immobile), use impermeable gloves (plastic, rubber) to place bat in a container or bag (avoiding contact with the mouth or claws).

a.   Contact Animal Control to submit it for tissue studies for rabies virus.

-          Contact IMC on whether you need to be seen by an expert physician.

Note: There is rabies risk if you shared airspace with a bat while mentally unaware (sleeping, intoxicated, etc.)

2.       Dog/Cat Bite

-          Known Owner: Contact the owner to,

a.       Quarantine the animal

b.      Ascertain animal’s rabies vaccination status

c.       Notify Animal Control to determine whether to quarantine animal for 10 days in its home or with a veterinarian.

d.      Call IMC on whether you need. To be seen by an expert physician.

-          Stray Animal

1.       Contact IMC about an appointment for rabies post-exposure immunization.